Open Auditions For Starship Farragut’s Next Episode

The producers of Starship Farragut are holding open auditions Saturday, February 16th, 2013 from 11AM to 2PM.


The episode, “Conspiracy of Innocence” requires actors and extras. Join us -


Saturday, February 16th, 2013 – 11AM to 2PM


You must arrive no earlier than 11:00 and no later than 2:00 in order to get in, but there will be no reserved times to audition. Participants will be taken in the order that they arrive on site. The audition for each person will be filmed for purposes of reviewing and making selections.




Farragut Films Studio 2
451 West Williams Avenue
Kingsland, GA 31548


Please bring the following:
1. Head shot and acting resume, if available.
2. Completed Audition Data Sheet (attachment with this email).
3. Thirty to sixty second reading from a Poem, piece of literature, or quote from a movie of your choice. Language must be appropriate in the presence of children. You must recite it from memory- no cheat sheets.


The audition will also require a cold reading from a script, which will be given to you at the time of the audition.
Please note that people who are not auditioning should not accompany participants to the audition. You may bring snacks, beverages, or reading material to keep you comfortable while waiting your turn. Please do not bring entertainment devices which make noise and can interfere with the audition process.