Starship Farragut Announces Casting For Its Upcoming Episode

Farragut Films’ next production in the Starship Farragut film series, “Conspiracy of Innocence”, written by Bobby Nash, held an open audition at Farragut Films Studio-2 in Kingsland, Georgia, on February 16th, 2013 to fill several open roles.


Starship Farragut - Conspiracy of Innocence


We are honored to announce the following actors have been selected:


Kasey Shafsky of Belmont, CA will play the Farragut’s new Chief Security Officer
Rakia May of Kingsland, GA will play the Farragut’s new Chief Medical Officer
Victoria Avalon of Mulberry, FL will play the Farragut’s new Transporter Chief
Eve Gidion of Atlanta, GA will play Tannas Pell (adult)
Brynn Elders of Woodbine, GA will play Tannas Pell (child)
John Sims of Jacksonville, FL will play Attlan Grey (adult)
Ian Doherty of Kingsland, GA will play Attlan Grey (child)


Additionally, the following actors have agreed to play background characters:


Kimberly Stoughton-Doherty
Dan Collis
Steve Parrott
Madison Parrott
Ben Parrott
Christopher May-Russell
Makayla Miller
Christopher Miller


All other recurring roles have been reprised by the regular cast members of Starship Farragut. Casting is an ever-changing dynamic of the film industry; each episode has the potential for new roles and new acting opportunities. We are still filling out the background roles/extras for this episode. Others may be included at a later date.