John Broughton
as Captain John "Jack" Carter
Jack Carter always dreamed of space. Since his childhood, thoughts of exploration and discovery have filled his imagination. He was accepted to Starfleet Academy a full year before finishing Secondary school, and graduated six months early, near the top of his class. He volunteered for his first assignment to be along the Klingon border in a scout ship, knowing the dangers associated with such a posting.

This young, ambitious officer has seen more combat, and been involved in more “First Contact” situations than most officers twice his age. With each new promotion, he has moved from ship to ship optimizing his opportunities for experience and recognition. His unorthodox methods have earned him the opportunity to become the second youngest person to sit in the Captain’s chair, as part of a new Starfleet program to expand the fleet (which means they will need more qualified Captains). Unfortunately, his methods also have left him with little time for family and friends, despite being known for his “amorous” ways with women.

Despite his cavalier attitude, he understands the rigors of command. To best temper his judgment, he has surrounded himself with his longtime best confidants and closest friends: CDR Tacket (RT) and LCDR Smithfield (Mike). Jack served with RT for several tours of duty on other ships, and met Mike during his last tour of duty on the USS Potemkin. RT and Mike have also become fast friends. When they are all off duty, they can be seen talking or playing cards either in the Captain’s quarters or in the Recreation Lounge. Most of the crew is aware of the close relationship between these officers.

Jack hand-picked his friends to serve on his first command, but Starfleet positioned other key officers in place despite his protests including an equally ambitious Communications Officer, a young and space-inexperienced doctor, and promoting a security officer from Captain Alvarez’ command to be Jack’s Chief of Security. He doesn’t know these officers well, and is leery of their qualifications and experience. Jack has never been a by-the-book officer, and tries to take on too many tasks by himself. He has been known to work himself to exhaustion, and isn’t very accepting of criticism or advice from others; these are traits he will need to adjust if he is going to maintain his position as Captain.
Michael Bednar
as Commander Robert "RT" Tacket
This wise senior member of the Captain’s staff is a highly proficient Science Officer. Captain Carter and RT served together on numerous missions where Carter used to report to Tacket. Carter selected RT as his First Officer when he was given command of the Farragut. He is fascinated by all sciences and believes that a harmonious relationship exists between science and the spiritual realm (metaphysics). He is the Captain’s wisest friend and confidant.
Holly Bednar
as Lt. Commander Michelle "Mike" Smithfield
Michelle is a technically savvy Engineering officer who loves to tinker with the ship and is continually improving its efficiency (she secretly considers the vessel to be her “baby!”) “Mike” as she is called, has high aptitudes for mathematics, mechanical engineering and warp propulsion.

Though she is very serious about her work, the losses she has experienced have given her strength of spirit and belief in a greater meaning in life. She is a yoga master, has a tremendous love of music and art, and wants to learn to play the piano someday when she has time. She has a dry sense of humor and a touch of sarcasm especially when under pressure.

She gets along well with men and seldom gets into power struggles with male officers; however Jack Carter has a special knack for pushing her go-nuts button on occasion. Still her respect for him; and loyalty to him is profound as long as he stays out of her engine room.
Supporting Cast
Tonya Broughton
as Lt. Alissa Moretti
Moretti, currently on her first assignment, enjoys being in space. She is an explorer at heart and somewhat of a free-spirit (open to new ideas and experiences). She is the ideal Communications Officer, having excelled in the Intergalactic Communications Diplomacy Course taught at Starfleet Academy. She graduated at the top of her class. She is extremely efficient, and her looks belie her intelligence. Because of this, First Officer Commander Tacket hand picked her for the crew.
Amy McDonough
as Lt. Christine Holley
Dr. Christine Holley is a gifted surgeon who earned her reputation as a brusque, but incredibly efficient field medic before being posted to the Farragut. This is her first assignment on a Constitution class starship. Her work has earned her the position of Chief Medical Officer. She is most certainly up to the challenge, though she considers herself a doctor first and an officer second.
David Sepan
as Crewman Allen Baker
The years Baker spent learning about starships fueled his desire to join Starfleet. His love of science and engineering showed in his excellent academic record through his high school years, even though he was sometimes considered a discipline problem there. However, his skill with a phaser and his physical abilities earned him his first assignment aboard the USS Farragut, in security. Baker was more than willing to take such an assignment, if only to get a chance to show what he can do. Both Captain Carter and Commander Tacket have taken note of Baker's recent accomplishments and intend to see that he gets that chance.
Bob McDonough
as Chief Petty Officer Wayne Galway
Galway is an easygoing man who knows his job and does it well. He has little use for the strict rigidity of Officers, and often finds humor in watching Junior Officers who don't "know the ropes" break character from grimly hustling about in their daily routines and interactions. He has been in Starfleet all of his adult life. The first few years of his career were spent serving on security details aboard various Saladin Class Starships. It was during his off duty hours that he developed an aptitude for electromechanical systems while assisting his shipmates in the Engineering Department. He applied for a "Basic Engineering" course for Enlisted Personnel at Starfleet Academy, and was accepted. During his time at the academy, he met and befriended a young Midshipman named Michelle Smithfield.

Upon graduation, he was temporarily assigned to Starbase Seven and eventually transfered to the Constitution Class Starship, USS Defiant (NCC-1764), where he and Smithfield served together for several years in a highly successful working relationship.

After completing his tour on the Defiant, he was transferred to the USS Potemkin (NCC-1657) where he met Commander Jack Carter and Commander Robert Tacket.

When Smithfield was posted as the Chief Engineer of the Starship Farragut under Carter, she requested Galway as one of her leading technicians. Carter and Tacket, both knowing Galway and his abilities, agreed with Smithfield's request.